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Give your used insulin pen a second life

Did you know that discarded insulin pens generate around 1.5 thousand tonnes of waste every year in the UK?
That's a lot of plastic and metal that could be recycled instead.

Sanofi is committed to environmental protection. That's why we're launching RePen, a pilot programme that will recycle used insulin pens.

It's easy to participate. Just order a collection envelope online, fill with your used disposable insulin pens and post back to be recycled, free of charge.

Help us make a difference for the environment. Recycle your used insulin pen today.

Which pens are eligible for the RePen recycling scheme?

Toujeo® SoloStar®, Toujeo® DoubleStar, Lantus® SoloStar®, Trurapi® SoloStar®, Admelog® SoloStar®, Apidra® SoloStar®, Suliqua® SoloStar®.

How to recycle your disposable insulin pen from home

Help us recycle your pens by ensuring the below:

Empty your pens fully before saving them in the RePen collective envelope.

Ensure to return a maximum of 12 empty pens in one RePen collection envelope.

Include the plastic cap, this can be recycled too!

Before posting back the full RePen collection envelope, ensure you have affixed the return label.

Order a new RePen collection envelope once your current one has been returned.

Don’t include the needle or anything else other than your Sanofi disposable insulin pen.

Make a difference to the planet with RePen: recycle your empty insulin pens and help us create a more sustainable future!

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Sanofi is also involved in many other projects. Find out now about our commitment to a more sustainable future!

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Frequently asked questions:

Who can participate in the Sanofi recycling initiative?

Every patient who has been prescribed the Sanofi insulin pens shown above can order an envelope and send their used insulin pens free of charge.

You can return your used Sanofi insulin pen from anywhere in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

There is no obligation to take part in the programme.

What types of insulin pens can be recycled through the Sanofi recycling initiative?

Accepted waste:

  • Sanofi SoloStar® and DoubleStar insulin pens (without needles)
  • Insulin Pen Caps

Non-accepted waste:

  • Needles for injections
  • Insulin pens from other manufacturers and brands
  • Other Sanofi injection devices

You can identify on the label of your insulin pen if your pen is from Sanofi and you can also use the pictures of accepted insulin pens on this page to help identify your pen.

Can I return other medical devices with my Sanofi pens as part of the recycling initiative?

No, other medical waste such as insulin cartridges or vials, outer packaging or the like, must be disposed of with normal household waste.

Insulin pens from other manufacturers cannot be accepted in this programme at this time.

Why can't the hypodermic needles be collected?

The injection needles of insulin pens pose an injury and infection risk for the employees of the recycling company and Royal Mail. Therefore, it is very important that the return envelopes do not contain hypodermic needles.

What happens to the pens that are sent back?

Every envelope containing the used Sanofi insulin pens is returned to our recycling site in the UK.

Sanofi insulin pens will be recycled and transformed into valuable materials, giving them a new life.

More specifically, the recycling process is in place for the pens to be first broken down and segregated into their constituent parts, as follows:

  • Glass will be reutilised in glass manufacturing. This material can be recycled, infinitely.
  • Metal will be melted, purified, then solidified. The metal element will be mixed with metals of the same grade to be traded and reutilised.
  • Plastics will be used in the manufacture of Stormboard in the UK, turning waste plastic into a weatherproof and recyclable furniture. At the end of life of this product, it can simply be recycled into a new Stormboard.

Can the RePen envelopes be recycled?

Yes, the envelopes are 100% recyclable. All envelopes will be recycled when returned to our recycling site as part of our process.

Can I return my empty insulin pens at a pharmacy, hospital clinic or to my GP?

No, at the moment all return envelopes need to be returned directly to our recycling site in the UK via Royal Mail using the pre-paid return label.

The ordered RePen envelope was not delivered. What can I do?

Please allow 7 working days for delivery of your envelope. If after this period you have not received your envelope, please resubmit your order paying attention to the required information.

Want to find out more about the RePen recycling initiative?

We would be happy to answer your questions by phone on 08000 35 25 25

(Sanofi UK offices are open Monday - Friday, 8:30-17:30, excluding public holidays)

Reporting of side effects
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